It is necessary to analyze and eliminate the common problems of dental chair to ensure the normal operation of dental office. If there is a problem with the dental chair, it may affect the patient’s experience while accepting treatment and the effectiveness. By analyzing and eliminating the common problems, the chair problems can be repaired in time to ensure the patients’ smooth and safe treatment process. In addition, regular inspection and maintenance of dental chairs can also extend their service life and reduce maintenance costs. Therefore, for the dental clinic, dental chair common problems analysis and elimination method are very necessary. The following are some common dental problems analysis and troubleshooting methods:

1. strong and weak suction does not work,

weak suction doesn’t work well after a period of time.

There may be:
1. The pipe is incorrectly connected.
2. The pipeline is blocked by dirt;
3. The sensitivity of the micro switch is not high, the shrapnel is crushed or the size and position of the hole of the hanger box are wrong;
4. The weak suction collection cup is blocked;
5. Weak suction main valve is blocked by dirt;
6. Poor water quality leads to pipe blockage;

Elimination methods: replace the parts that cannot be repaired, check and repair the line; Clean the weak suction main valve; It is recommended that the user clean the dirty cup regularly (once every two weeks), and put it back as original after blowing with three-use-guns to keep the tube unobstructed.

2.the cold light is not bright or there are other problems

There may be:

1. The bulb is burnt out;

2. The connector is loose due to poor contact;

3. The common line is not penetrated into the controlled relay;

4. The internal wire of the movable connection is broken (do not lift the balance arm);

5. The reflective film of cold light lamp falls off;

Elimination method: change the model of the same bulb; Turn off the power to check and connect the pair; It is recommended that the cold light sheet should be maintained at room temperature; Wipe with a soft cloth, the reverse side of the lamp can not be wiped, change the reflective piece. the button but it does not work

1. Check whether the emergency stop switch is pressed down;

2. Check whether the limit switch is normal;

3. Check whether the power line, motor line of the treatment board and the connecting line of the key plate are properly connected;

4.the hot water cup can not be heated or the water temperature is too high

1. The power supply or circuit is abnormal.

2. The common cable of the temperature control cable of the hot water cup is connected incorrectly

3. The heating rod of the thermostat or of the hot water cup is broken.

4. The control mask is broken ;

5. The relay of hot water cup controlled by the treatment board does not work;

6. The temperature sensor is out of control or not sensitive;

Troubleshooting method: Check and repair the line, hot water cup, mask, relay, temperature sensor.

5.the process of handpiece operation has water and gas problems

1. Pipeline problems;

2. Check whether the air filter reducing valve barometer shows that it reaches 6 kg;

3. Check whether the water filter gas is blocked by dirt, if so, clean the filter;

4. Check whether the water switch position at the bottom of the side box is reversed;

5. Check whether the foot switch is in poor contact.

6.Pipeline problem

1. If the equipment is used for a long time, friction or extrusion will cause the water pipe or mobile phone pipe to burst, disconnect and harden (note: mobile phone cleaning agent will cause the mobile phone outer pipe to harden);

2. The pipeline is blocked by dirt, should be cleaned regularly;

3. If the water outlet is not smooth, check whether the drainpipe is distorted or deflated.

4. Check the leakage and air leakage of the pipeline and replace it;

5. If the pipe interface is not tight or loose, it should be firmly connected again.

7.Solenoid valve problem

1. Due to the use of too long leading to solenoid valve aging water leakage;

2. The inlet and outlet nozzle are reversed;

3 The interface of solenoid valve is not firm resulting in water leakage;

4. Solenoid valve quality problems;

5. The solenoid valve is blocked due to poor water quality.

8.The problem of the circuit board

1. Short circuit of circuit board:

(1) Incorrect insertion;

(2) Long time discharge residue caused by the wet part of the circuit board;

(3) Loose wiring bar screws cause short circuit:

2. The circuit cannot work normally because the plug is not tight, loose or oxidized

9.the problem of the water storage bottle

1. The pressure inside the bottle burst due to the failure of the 2kg reducing valve;

2. Add non-distilled water to the bottle;

3. Blockage of waterway leads to poor water discharge;

4. Quality problems lead to poor pressure resistance of water bottle;

5. Water bottle and tap water conversion problem, when ready to use water bottle, check whether the water source conversion switch is open, the main gas switch is open.