Dental chair is one of the medical equipments that patients come into contact with most. Its comfort and safety have a crucial impact on patients’ medical experience. If the dental chair has malfunctions or problems, it will not only affect the treatment effect, but also make the patient feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Therefore, the care and maintenance of dental chairs can improve patients’ experience during the treatment and enhance patients’ trust and satisfaction.

In conclusion, regular care and maintenance of dental chairs can not only prolong their service life, but also improve patients’ medical experience. Therefore, medical institutions should pay attention to the maintenance of dental chairs to provide patients with more safe, comfortable and satisfactory treatment experience.

Dental chair maintenance

— Daily cleaning work

01.Cleaning and maintenance of spittoons

Spittoons should be flushed at the end of each day’s work

Suggestion: Remove the ceramic lid and filter and wipe the spittoon with wet water in a disposable towel or clean the spittoon directly with water.

02.Cleaning and maintenance of salivary tube

At the end of each day, remove the aspirator and disinfect the strong and weak aspirator tubes and the mouth of the aspirator tubes with disinfectant.

03.Cleaning and maintenance of the Cushion

The cushion should be avoided being cut by the patient’s keys and other sharp objects.

Before use in winter, it is better to use warm water to wipe again and then put into work. After use, the patient diluted with disinfectant and purified water, a disposable wet towel, wipe the surface of the cushion with the wet towel with disinfectant, and then wipe again with clean water.

04.Cleaning and maintenance of the handpiece tube

The handpiece tube should be flushed after treating each patient

Suggestion: Please use a handpiece with anti-suction function

05.Cleaning and maintenance of combined set filter screen

After use, the spit joint should be twisted off, take out the filter and clean with disinfectant. Suggestion: Clean the rotating air filter screen every week

06.Cleaning and maintenance of oral lamp

When the oral lamp cools down, you can wipe the lamp shell. Never operate the oral lamp when wiping the lamp shell. Do not wipe the oral lamp with too much force.

The lamp arm is controlled by tension spring. In non-working condition, try not to pull the lamp back and forth.

* Note: Do not use solvents containing alcohol or other chemical disinfectants to clean the oral lamp

07.Cleaning of water filter and air reducing valve

1. Rotate the bottom of the water strainer counterclockwise, take out the center strainer and rinse it with clean water.

2. Rotate the transparent cup of air filter counterclockwise to clean the filter element.

3. Remove dirt to prevent parts damage caused by entering water pipes and valve bodies, resulting in abnormal operation or poor effect of the handpiece.

Maintenance of dental chair

01.Power off

Make sure that turn off the electricity after work every day


● Exhaust: Turn off the main valve switch after the air compressor gas is discharged after the daily work. Machine pipe has been inflated easy to accelerate the aging of the gas pipe, pressure switch spring elasticity weakened, directly affect the working pressure and so on.

● Sewage discharge: pay attention to sewage discharge, the air contains moisture, according to the local air temperature, about once a month.


If the dental chair is still in the mechanical and electromechanical integration stage, so use about half a year to lubricate the motor. (Apply butter to expansion area)

The maintenance of high speed handpiece

● Cleaning: high-speed handpiece in the work will have debris residual inside, affect the speed, use handpiece cleaning agent to clean after using it.

● Lubrication: The speed of the handpiece in the work reaches 400,000 -1 million revolutions, therefore lubrication becomes very important. Large workload should be lubricated once a day (Note: when using handpiece cleaning agent, try not to contact the handpiece tube, to avoid hardening of the handpiece tube).

● Air pressure: the gas pressure of the working handpiece should be between 2 pressure and 3 pressure, and the new handpiece can be controlled in the run-in use stage at about 2 pressure.

● Car needle and handpiece: handpiece does not load the car needle as far as possible not idling, this will damage the handpiece.